I had to excercise a bit of restraint with Fintail’s mega-sale. So much good stuff to be had! But, my eyes were on one lot from the beginning and I was so happy that it was still available when I chimed in to claim it. The Matchbox Super Chargers Monster trucks were incredibly ahead of their time. This was back when Monster Trucks were barely hitting the mainstream and still drawing moderate crowds at local fairgrounds and stadiums.

My main score from this lot is the licensed vehicles. Rolling Thunder, Fly-n-Hi, Mad Dog 2, Awesome Kong 2, The original classic Bigfoot. All awesome classic Trucks from back in the day.

Sadly, matchbox took a terrific idea and mucked it all up... The next series of monster trucks were unlicensed vehicles... Tow Trucks... Dump Trucks... 30's era classics?!?!?!? The 57 Chevy is awesome though. MBX then took things in another direction with mudbog style vehicles with big engines and paddle tires. Pretty cool, but still not as awesome as the original licensed super chargers. As a Kid, I was seriously sad that they didn’t release more licensed truck. Opportunity lost in my opinion.


The Tractor pull rigs bring back some nostalgias. Mr Fin also threw in some bonus non Mbx monster trucks as well. Thanks for that. :)

So, I got some great Superchargers that I wanted for my collection and some amazing custom parts with the non-licensed rigs. An excellent score for the price! Thank you so much for having this terrific sale.