As TFritch mentioned, we just completed the Best Hwep Yet! See below for the all the coolness he sent me: a Matchbox Pioneer-liveried Ferrari 308 GTS, white BMW E36 race, which for some reason I was missing... The legendary Matchbox Porsche 930 Turbo with opening doors(!!), Zender Fact4! I had one before, which I traded away, but did not hesitate at the opportunity to get another. The totally LaLD-famous Fauxrari (not gonna lie, I might steal its wheels to put on the 512, hope you don’t mind, TFritch!), a Stratos that could possibly be reborn into a New Stratos, a Ferrari 512 TR which might get some more TR-ish 5 spokes, MB C-class racer, and last but definitely not least, white-liveried Hako skyline!! I might have to put some watanabes stolen from a heritage 2002 on there.

All in all AMAZING trade. Hellz yeah.