So the Ford Mustang is officially the best selling sports coupe in the world, selling more then 140,000 units. Australians wanting one, I’m sorry to inform, have a back-order until 2017! So to celebrate, I’m posting my latest Auto World addition, the Mustang in Guard.

Guard is a dark green-grey color that is a love it or hate it polarizing color and is very difficult to photograph well.

All of these pictures are heavily filtered to try and bring the green out. This color, if I remember correctly, will be discontinued for the 2017 model year and while it’s not my favorite color, it was definitely an interesting green color.

As usual, Auto World has done a great job with this car and the details, however, silver smears for headlights are still a cop-out, in my opinion.

But there is something about this car that REALLY bothers me.

My biggest complaint when I first bought the yellow car was how the hood didn’t sit as flush as it probably should. Online searches of others revealed the same issue pretty much across the board. A look on the AW site revealed the same issue on the web display car. Not only that, but the red version had the same issue!

Unfiltered image to show real color and hood difference

My personal complaint was apparently addressed as this new color, as well as the alternate blue one, have fixed this problem. A side effect of this, however is that the hood on the Guard car doesn’t stay up very well. I’ll take that trade off, though.

Mustangs and 911s have the nicest rear ends (cues up Sir Mix-a-lot).

Auto World do command a premium price, but I think it’s worth it to pay a little more once in a while for a nicer vehicle.

The more I see this car, and the introduction of the GT350 twins has made me really start to love the looks of this newest design.

Image to show the color unfiltered.

Thanks for looking!