I know it isn’t directly diecast related, but I know many here are BTTF geeks as am I, and I received feedback that some would appreciate this stuff. It also has many diecast related to it, so that should suffice. A bit over a year ago I was in LA and had some free time, so I decided to stalk out filming locations of movies I like. I like many 80s movies, and this is one of the best. Here’s a gathering of off-the-set locations I visited:

Burger King from the beginning:

Site of Doc Brown’s house/garage in the parking lot (with a rare Eldo convertible in view, along with my nice rental Impala LTZ)

Lyon Estates entrance:

The McFly Lyon Estates house:

Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall:

Doc Brown’s house:

Doc Brown’s garage:

Doc Brown’s garage door:

The “Blacker House” - where interior scenes were filmed:

The door Marty knocks on, Doc answers with device on head etc:

George McFly’s house:

Lorraine Baines’ house:

The tree:

Biff’s house:

Where Biff throws ball on roof:

Hill Valley High School:

Jennifer’s house (the Subaru is kind of a modern AMC Eagle):

Mr. Strickland’s house:

Entrance to Hilldale:

Scene of drag race:

Hilldale 2015 (gated):

The tunnel:

Some stuff from Universal Studios:

And a final pic, car-related, the prominently seen garage of Arnie’s house from “Christine”:

I have a ton of other filming locations shots I can share later, if people like.

That is all.