Same cast, different look.

So the ‘67 C10 from the 2016 HW Hot Trucks UTES!! is pretty nice, much better than its previous 2013 version. I was sorting through my collection earlier and noticed that I had both of these. I picked up the new one a few days ago and love the way it looks now.

This model of Chev is one of my favourite UTE!! designs from America, from 1967. (So many great ones from many years I can’t pick a favourite) I do really like this shape though.

Not sure if the chrome is done differently or the plastic is a different colour under it but the headlights and grill look way better on the new version.

Business end of the UTES!!

The black and gold look so much better on this cast than the yellow. Those wheels help a lot as well with the improvement.

Ok that’s it for now, happy Friday!