Once there was a discussion in our local HW collectors group about how people (among us, including myself) flock Stangs, but frequently overlook Camaros. This was a fact that struck me. The thing is HW has made some pretty decent Camaros over the years (their first car was actually a Camaro after all!), some with exceptional castings. However almost all of them (except the ‘70 Camaro, may be it is the only one) have been blighted with the massive rear wheels. Yet that alone is no reason to ignore them, and I decided to snap some of the newer entries to my collection.

The Redliners ’68 COPO Camaro

The ’12 ZL1. Got to say that this is a beeeee-yutiful model.

And they joined the excellent ‘17 SS

Finally they sat with the ’70 Camaro for a group photo.

Would love to see your Camaro collections as well!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!