Earlier last Sunday, I attended a pretty exquisite car show here in Colorado. Now you may be wondering why don’t I mention this over at OPPO and mention it here instead. There are 2 reasons to that: 1. I don’t have authorship over at OPPO and 2. I made sure to make it diecast related by bringing back a classic.

Some may remember about a year ago I did a series called EDC Vega where the series started with votes from the wonderful community of LaLD voting from a selection of cars that they want me to bring as an Every Day Carry to be my companion on my daily adventures. The winner was a Hot Wheels Chevy Vega which ended its duty after an international trip to my homeland which you can read here.

A sequel to the fun series was created following the same beginning to search for the replacement of the Vega but the announcement on the star for the sequel wasn’t announced as dramatically as the Vega and the series faded into memory unknowing to most that there is a new chapter. The winner for the sequel is a tiny Dodge Rampage from Hot Wheels with a rather peculiar past and has been following me everywhere for the past year from school to work and now this epic car show in Denver.

The show in question was the 34th Annual Colorado Concours d’Elegance with 500 cars from American classics to the latest high tech exotics all sprawled on one huge lawn including an all original Shelby Cobra and 2 of the 6 original Ford GT40 Mk. IV both piloted by Mario Andretti. Without further ado, these are the shots I took from the show starring the EDC Rampage.

I know some of you here like Saabs, this show got you guys covered.
Wagons too
One of the highlights of the show
It ain’t a car show without a GTR
Not an exotic per se but it’s so hilarious to see this that I have to include it.
A pre-production Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the company’s first SUV. They were generous enough to leave the car unlocked so people can sit in it.

Those were just some of the cars that were in the show, the cars in the parking lot that didn’t make it were ace too.

That marks the end of this post. Which car from the show is your favorite? If anyone want me to do a sub-post on the EDC Rampage let me know as well and I’ll see you guys again for Teutonic Tuesday.