And the winner is...

Philip’s 1/18 Porsche 935 K3 by TSM with a perfect 50/50.

Tied for second is shop-teacher’s 1/18 Swamp Rat 1 by GMP and...

t_s’ 1/18 Porsche 936 by TSM. Both scored 49/50.

Best of 1/18:

1. Philip’s 935

2. shop-teacher’s Swamp Rat 1

2. t_s’ Porsche 936

Best of 1/43:

1. shop-teacher’s Chevy Corvette SS by AUTOart (48)

2. JobJoris’s 2CV Cogolin by Norev (47.5)

3. Tatorsaurus’ Amphicar by Minichamps (46)

3. JobJoris’ Talbot Sunbeam by IXO (46)

Best of 1/64:

1. vdubyajohn’s Porsche 356A Outlaw by Hot Wheels (47.5)

2. androoo’s Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo by Tomica Limited Vintage-Neo (holy crap that’s a long name, 45)

2. androoo’s Porsche Carrera GT by Kyosho (45)

Just as a closing note, I just wanted to say thanks! Thank you for sticking with my laziness and judging hiccups and thanks for participating! We had around 150 cars to judge, which is mindblowing considering last year’s only had 83 (still an insane number). There were many awesome cars (a few of which are now on my want list, looking at you, androoo)

Long Live Car Week, and Long Live LaLD!