These are several cars that I’ve put pen and paintbrush to. Most if them, recently, some have been hanging around awhile. There are still a few not included here that I will post at a later time. Anyway, since I had several days to be bored, I started noticing that most of my Hot Wheels and Matchbox were just not great when it came to details. This opinion included premium cars as well. So I set to detailing them. I know my skills and patience have gotten better as I have continued touch them and am overall, pleased with the outcome. It is completely satisfying to finish one and absolutely frustrating when I can’t get something quite right.

I will say that some we’ve seen before through the excellent efforts of other LaLDers. Others, maybe not and hopefully some of them will make you smile. Several of these are WIPS but I wanted to show what I was doing across a wide scope. Thank you for looking and enjoy!




The 2002s are back for Jojoris. I fixed the taillights to be correct. I may need to do another of each of them because the taillights are now a little over done. We’ll see. If there’s anything you’d like to see up close, let me know and I’ll feature it in another post.

Bonus shot of the new setup with the road and some “grass”.

Again, thanks for looking!