Just arrived from the Netherlands today, CF Nissan Bluebird Turbo and a CF Toyota “CorollaLevin”. These were discussed recently via vdubyajohn’s CF 911 post. CF was a mysterious series of diecasts, all Tomica clones, produced by an unknown Hong Kong manufacturer and potentially with original/modified Tomica molds (this is debateable). They were originally sold as 1/61 pullback cars, of decent quality, but later produced without the small pullback motors and of steadily decreasing quality

I’ve been on the hunt to expand my small collection of CF diecasts for a couple of years now, as the novelty and mystery of the mostly unknown producer of 6 Tomica model clones sits well with me. Out of the 6 produced, I’ve managed to find about 5 of the Bluebirds, 3 of the Audi Quattros, 1 carded Porsche 911, 2 Jaguars, but till now the ‘CorollaLevin’ eluded me, along with their Fiat X1/9. I finally have one of the Levins.

The bluebird is nice, and I’ve been lucky enough to find a bunch of the earlier pullback bluebirds. Most later CFs came with Welly/Yatming type wheels once they removed the pullback motors. The Levin is somewhat awkward, but so is the Tomica casting its based on…but in this example, the plastic support for the screwed in base contributes to that. The base does indeed say “COROLLALEVIN”.

Anyway, here they are…and of course, I’m still on the hunt for a CF Fiat.