Apparently all the HWEPs weren’t enough. I needed more diecasts showing up at my house. Actually these were an ebay find, I’d been looking for an intact but cheap Studebaker wagon, and ended up finding this set of four for under $10 shipped.

Now that I’ve seen it through a zoom lens, it will need a bit of a scrubbing, but this Stude was everything I’d hoped for.

The sliding roof is intact and the windows are undamaged, but it has the sort of playwear I love on old Lesneys. I genuinely can’t decide if I want to keep it original, or slam it on new wheels.

The two Lincolns were supposed to make the customizing question easier. I could leave one stock and customize the other.

Ironically, having two has, if anything, made it harder. I want one stock, but I also want to strip one and repaint it, but I also want to do a playworn custom with new wheels and refreshed bumpers/glass but the same worn exterior. So I might end up needing a third one...

The Galaxie was no something I’d been looking for, and wouldn’t have bought separately, but as with all Lesneys, it is a nice cast.

This will almost certainly lose it’s roof light & driver and be repainted into a civilian Galaxie.

Also, the worst way to tow a Lincoln.