Today’s collection came in a non-clear tote, I didn’t know what to expect when I opened it up. Maybe it was some Hot Wheels cars? Or, it could also have been so Hot Wheels cars? Given the recent posts, there’s also a chance that it could be full of Hot Wheels!

Well, you’re not completely wrong! There are some HW in here....but, amazingly, that’s not all! A strange hodge-podge of stuff resides within. Exclusive Tide Nascar die-casts? Yep. Dub City’s? Yep. Fresh Cherries? Just one, but, yep! Some excerpts from the Lowriders magazine collection? Ohh yeah. How about some Homie Rollers? Wow. But, yep. All these and several others from Nascar stuff to McDonalds toys and some el-cheapo casts to finish it off!

This should be a fun one!!

Box 59 - More HW? Who Would’ve Guessed?

Box 58 - Not HW!!

Box 57 - HW and friends

Box 56 - The HW Saga

Box 55 - Switched to Colossal

Box 54 - It Keeps Going and Going

Box 53 - Hotter than Wheels

Box 52 - Hot Wheels Tamale!

Box 51 - The More HW The Merrier

Box 50 - The Return to HW

Box 49 - Majorette - Wife of the Major!

Box 48 - Matchbox-ho!

Box 47 - Hot in Wheels

Box 46 - Some Like it Hot Hot Hot Wheels

Box 45 - Hot Wheels Extravaganza

Box 44 - Hot Wheels are Hot

Box 43 - Bad Boys 3

Box 42 - Fire in the Hole!

Box 41 - In the back of the Benzie...

Box 40 - Stop, Drop, and Roll

Box 39 -Flippin’ Old Rebuilt Dodge

Box 38 - Free Candy!

Box 37 -Major Pain

Box 36 - Trash Talk and Towing the Line

Box 35 - Found off Road Dead

Box 34 - Goodies!!

Box 33 - Back in my day.

Box 32 - Convoy!

Box 31 - A splash of Lesney

Box 30 - Defunct is the New Cool

Box 29 - The Gas Man Cometh

Box 28 - Trailrated

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)