Hey guys! I’m sorry it’s been a bit since my last post - it’s been very busy at work and at home and I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to get the next batch of photos uploaded!

Anyway, box 61 marked the end of the third group of totes as they are strewn about my garage. The 34 boxes that were part of this group added 4,428 cars!! That gives us a running total so far of 6,303! By my estimation, at least quantity wise, we are about halfway through! The rest are all stacked together and after about 15 more large totes we’ll get back into some not-in-packaging stuff! Some day we may even get passed the large quantities of HW!

However, today is not that day! For the start of Part 4, I present to you, a whole bunch of HW cars! I double checked my phone, and the usual lead image of the whole box laid out on our spare bed was nowhere to be found! Ohh well. I’ll get that back next week!!

Back to the pictures:

Part 3 (Boxes 28-61) 

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)