Yes, that’s right! More Hot Wheels cars on the horizon! Although, just to be nice, at the bottom I did find a handful of Matchbox cars - some new, some old - just to keep you guys guessing. While much of the HW stuff is the standard modern(ish) fare - there are some oldies in here too! I had forgotten about the cars that would flip themselves and I had the same color Aurora as a child (as a matter of fact, I know that car is in this collection somewhere!).

Let’s play a little game! I came across 6* cars with mistakes in this package. I’ll give you the hint that they’re all in the HW section* and they’re probably all fairly obvious! Happy hunting!

*(edit: As it turns out, I missed one. There are 7 (at current count) mistake cars in here! One in the Matchbox section was kindly pointed out to me!)

Box 66 - Let the HW Times Roll....some more.

Box 65 - HW is forever.

Box 64 - HW, HW, Get Your HW Here!

Box 63 - Are We There Yet?

Box 62 - The Energizer of Die-Cast

Part 3 (Boxes 28-61) 

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)