This box starts off innocently enough - with a whole bunch of multi-packs....all of which belong to the familiar manufacturer, Hot Wheels. There’s even a duplicate pack of one! But, then it gets a little weird. We jump back to the good ‘ol McDonalds toys, a motorized racer, and what are affectionately known as “Puzzle Erasers”....whatever the heck those are!?

Then, ooh...boy, then do we get into the fun stuff. What kind of fun stuff, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to scroll down to find out!

Alright, here comes the oddities! How about some HW baseball cards? ...Still in the packet. They even have a lovely carrying tin...

Or the sweet Stegosaurus Fossil Flip!?

...let’s wrap up your favorite Christmas present in this gift box!

What should that present be, you ask? Well, how about some Hot Wheels socks!?

And on the tree, how about a Hot Wheels Candy Cane?? In blue raspberry, of course!

Box 77 - It’s Getting Weird...

Box 76 - The Die-Cast Salvage Yard

Box 75 - Romeo and HW

Box 74 - Of Course it’s HW!

Box 73 - The World of DSM

Box 72 - Mix ‘n Match

Box 71 - Back Again!

Box 70 - Match in the Box

Box 69 - Always with the HW

Box 68 - A Hidden Box of Matchbox

Box 67 - Even More HW!

Box 66 - Let the HW Times Roll....some more.

Box 65 - HW is forever.

Box 64 - HW, HW, Get Your HW Here!

Box 63 - Are We There Yet?

Box 62 - The Energizer of Die-Cast

Part 3 (Boxes 28-61) 

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)