Sorry ‘bout the break! But, I’m back....and now we’re getting to the fun stuff!

Here’s a tote that was full of mostly out-of-the-box stuff! There’s a Superfast Matchbox 850i and some semi trucks - including one for a candy called Rain-Blo...which is a new one for me, and for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I assume is a made-up name. It’s amazing what used to slip by the censors that probably wouldn’t fly anymore!

There’s such a hodge-podge of stuff here it’s hard to describe it! I mean, there’s another grave yard, some busses, train engines, the full line of John Deere tractors, and even a genuine, bona fide, electrified (not really), six(ish)-car monorail! If you didn’t get enough of the Deloreans from earlier boxes, fear not - we have a few more!


Also of note, and forgive me for not realizing it at the time, the previous box broke the 10,000 car barrier!!!! .....And we’re still going strong!!

Also ‘bout them Smurfs!

Box 78 -Peak Weirdness

Box 77 - It’s Getting Weird...

Box 76 - The Die-Cast Salvage Yard

Box 75 - Romeo and HW

Box 74 - Of Course it’s HW!

Box 73 - The World of DSM

Box 72 - Mix ‘n Match

Box 71 - Back Again!

Box 70 - Match in the Box

Box 69 - Always with the HW

Box 68 - A Hidden Box of Matchbox

Box 67 - Even More HW!

Box 66 - Let the HW Times Roll....some more.

Box 65 - HW is forever.

Box 64 - HW, HW, Get Your HW Here!

Box 63 - Are We There Yet?

Box 62 - The Energizer of Die-Cast

Part 3 (Boxes 28-61) 

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)