After the positive response to this post celebrating the evolution of the LaLD look..

I’ve been spending a significant amount of time in the Top Secret Underground LaLD Labratory (It’s actually just around the corner from the LaLD “Institute of Diecast Safety”)


Our graphic designer and I have been working on the ancient art of screenprinting. At one point a tote bag featuring the LaLDatsun was produced!

Getting the image and technique down is certainly a process that will take a decent amount of trial and error to get just the way we are hoping for. In the meantime, I’m curious how many of you would like something proclaiming your feelings for this site? What do you think the best medium for that would be? Likely, we will be producing stickers first. Here’s a few early thoughts....

This last one is my current fave. (Do you notice the subtle web address?)

In any case, I’d love to know what Live and Let Diecast! community can come up with! It doesn’t have to stick to any theme, format, medium or even feature any look we’ve previously used. Let’s see what you’ve got!