My wife’s nephews are here for the night and while she put a movie on for all 3, they are attracted to the Diecast cars Sam has and so I turned off the Talking owl movie and told the boys to grab some cars and lets take some pictures. Also trying out an idea I mentioned earlier in another post today. Although it was too late after sunset and the lighting isn’t too good.  

Dylan’s choice was a lifted F150

Gavin’s choice was a 3 wheeler that came with a zip tie thing to make it go, but who knows where that is....

Sam’s choice was the “hippie car” as Dylan discribed it because of the VW symbol on the front. I told them it was for Volkswagen. Although he won’t retain that information.

Then here comes a few more cars anda trash truck from my neighbors child that they put cars in then dump them out.

Triple stacked cars that got dumped on after the photo.