Found this massive hawl on a local craigslist. Apparently a couple kids no longer played with these, and play with LEGO instead. So mom as sold them to buy more LEGO. Never saw the kids, but they seem to have good taste in cars. I got 120+ cars for under 50/cents per car.

I mostly bought it for a small number of cars I really wanted, so these are mine, all mine (muwahaha?):

The three vintage race cars were what made this lot a must-have. I don’t know why, but I became obsessed the moment I saw them.
So many wagons!
I just recently discovered the Island Hopper sunagon existed, and now I have one.

These are the want to haves (mostly as wheel donors). I could be convinced to trade them for the right cars, or for cars with the same MBX hubcap or knockoff wheels.

The UPS trucks are 1:55 scale

And here are all the cars up for trade(let me know if you want better pics of anything):

EDIT: Side shots were requested(any missing cars are because I pulled them to get individual photos for people and therefore can be seen in comments):

Here is what I’m looking for:

-Current Matchbox: none

-Current Hot Wheels: ‘70 Toyota Celica(any version but prefer green), Race Days Porsche 914-6


-Johnny Lightning: “Project in Progress” 1950 Chevy Suburban, “Project in Progress” 1955 Chrysler C-300.


-True 1/64 Semis, Semi trailers, & other large trucks

-Cars or loose axles with the Matchbox split tri-spoke wheel, or the new Hot Wheels deep dish steelie(with white or chrome edges)


-Whatever else catches my eye. This tends to be cars & trucks from the 40s & 50s, JDM cars from the 90s and earlier, wagons from anytime, campers & camper trailers, tow trucks, semis & other big trucks.

Not much for exotics, muscle cars, or sports cars.

EDIT: stuff that is gone: Orange e-type, black LMP cadillac, yellow mini, orange volvo p1800. green mini, blue FJ40, white subaru, yellow off-road toyota pickup, mazda 3, green prius, 4 porsche 911s, blue boss mustang, 2 lamborghinis, red mini convertible.

Stuff that is claimed but not finalized: ford semi w/ flatbed