I finally obtained a $uper Treasure Hunt version of the new Ford GT two weeks ago. While the Spectraflame blue looks awesome-it even looks like purple depending on the lighting conditions-the grey interior piece that forms part of the exterior is not so good. The grey Halibrand-style real riders also look bland. Modifying the car, then, was a must.

Problem was, I did not have the blue paint for the interior. The plan was shelved.

Then, my sister gave me her old set of Reeves Acrylic paint. Which had the right shade of blue!

Here, the portion of the interior piece was painted blue, then clearcoated. Now, it nearly matches the spectraflame paint of the casting itself. The A-pillar was painted matte black, and the exhaust and vents painted black. Also, the spokes of the wheels were painted gold, with the spinners colored silver.

The most difficult part of the detailing process was the taillights. Here, the painted end of a barbecue stick was used to first apply red paint on the rim, followed by black paint on the center. Finally, stock grey base was swapped out. This matte black base was from the first 2017 GT I modified.

This $TH goes along well with my HW Classics GT-40:

As a bonus, the Reeves paint also had another blue paint which is close to the regular 2017 GT. Thus, part of the interior was also painted and clear coated, and its new base painted gloss black.

Have a great weekend!