One of the best Matchbox castings out there, the Alfa Giulia Sprint GTA is a great small version of one of the prettiest cars in the real life world. This is the 5th Alfa I got from Ebay. And last night, I finally worked up the courage to dump this beautiful beast in the jar of stripper.

I have a general idea where I want to go with it, courtesy of the straight up NSFW website known as I’ve already started the bumper delete process, and will then move on to some suspension work to get the stance just right, but what about the exterior?

I’ve been thinking about grey, a darkish non-metallic shade, with perhaps one front corner in red to bring in a splash of that Alfa color. And clearly it looks amazing in silver with a black front as well.

Racing number cirle: yes or no?

Post me your favorite Giulias to give me some suggestions!