Ever watched one of these TV shows like Farts'r'Loud or Counting Crap where they restore classic cars, and give them very intricate paintjobs? Of course you have. Who am I talking to! Anyways, I remember an episode in which they did Ghost flames or something like that. They airbrushed something on the car, and then covered it with another coat so that it was just barely visible, depending on the light. This was something I wanted to play around with.

I had this blue Elky, and...

...this yellow Ranchero. Sorry for the stock pics, I was in such a hurry to take them apart, that I forgot to take before pics. To me, they are a bit like twins separated at birth, so I wanted to do something similar to them, and turn them into a pair, so to speak.

The Elky got just enough metal flake blue, wich was veeeery similar to the original paint, to almost hide the tampos, and then got flooded with clear coat. When the sun hits it, these rally stripes or scallops, or whatever you want to call them, are clearly visible.

The Ranchero got to endure the same treatment, just with red instead of yellow. I think red looks much better on this car, especially with the chrome accents in the front and in the back. Of course, I had to give it a slightly thicker coat to completely cover the yellow. In full sunlight, the tampos are pretty much invisible.

Interestingly, quite the opposite happens when you take them indoors. Especially under artificial lighting, the tampos on the Ranchero are really "there".

On the Elky, they become pretty much invisible though.

All in all, I can really recommend this if you are too lazy to take the tampos off want to do something "different".

Thank you for your interest, please join us next time in an episode called:

"Alien Autopsy".