Hot Wheels are really hitting the nostalgia nail on the head lately. Growing up in the 70's & 80's a Mini bike (Monkey bike) was one of the things I wanted probably more than anything. Finally I have one...

Although it wasn’t long before I dismantled it to do a wheel swap and add a few details.

Painted the whole frame flat black and wiped it off with a damp acetone soaked rag.

Not really a fan of the flat cross section wheels used on the cast but I get why it’s done. To do the wheel swap I ground off the outer rim of the stock wheels. I needed to use those hubs as they are specific to the axle/rivet post. I found some suitable Real Riders and rims, removed the spokes with a Dremel then cleaned up with a round file. Once cleaned up they were a solid press fit over the original hubs but I used a bit of glue to make sure they stay in position.

I’m pretty happy with the results. A little paint makes a big difference. Added the orange on the indicators and red on the stop light. One thing I was pleased to discover was that the tank is diecast as well as the frame.

Till next time...

Thanks for looking.