This started life out as the 100 Grand 64 Nova delivery. I loved the stance, loved the color, and the wheels grew on me. However I didn’t like the 100 Grand on the side. Once I DLMed it I realized the tampo was under the clear coat..... Great!! Then I got a brilliant idea, use some 800 grit sandpaper and sand it off and then re-clear it. That idea worked for all of 5 minutes until I burned through the paint to bare metal. Back to the drawing board. So I striped the paint off and the found these wheels. I think they look awesome. I’m not sure what color I’m going to paint it, I have a light grey thats almost primer grey and I have a maroon. If I kept the gold wheels I think the maroon would look better but with the nascar goodyears I think grey might be the best choice. Let me know what you all think. And thanks for looking. Sorry about the bad pictures this was an impromtu photo shoot.