Go figure, it’s the 4th of July and I’m still lusting over German machinery, it is Tuesday afterall. I present to you what I think may be my favorite custom yet, the new Porsche 962 casting from Hot Wheels Track Day Car Culture series dressed in Jagermeister livery.

This was one of those builds where I had the image instantly of how I wanted this to turn out and started pouring over Google image searches. Though the livery is mostly accurate I did take some liberties in how I wanted it. I really feel like this is my best yet, I just look at it and it seems like a much larger scale. For those that are curious, I clocked a hefty 10 hours over three days on this guy.

This casting is really great to work with, I had to do very little prep work or casting modifications. There are virtually no cast lines to file off and the only big cast change came to the rear of the front fender arch which I squared off to make more accurate. Paint wise the body got a coat of Rustoleum orange and two coats of clear, the base was painted gloss black also with two coats of clear and the interior was done in glossy black with minor details added. A big part of this custom was the decal work, I think it’s safe to say I’ve exhausted my Jagermeister decal sheet at this point. I hand painted the headlight covers and headlights, which I got pretty lazy with but I’m still working on headlight realism. I also had the opportunity to use my new chrome paint pen in a few places on the body but mainly on the rims. BBS like rims came from a RD 914 while Goodyear tires were donated from a Vintage Racing Cougar. They are a tad wider then the rims exaggerating the deep look. A pair of painted washers were glued to the fronts to simulate turbo fan rims while the rears were painted gold with chrome lips. The two finishing touches were actual metal tubing side exhaust and a first for me, side mirrors made from copper wire! The icing on the cake is that this thing still rolls perfectly!

I hope you enjoy looking at this one as much as I do, enjoy!