[CUSTOM] "Two coats of wax, not just one", Biff's Auto Detailing Truck

This custom came about after someone made a comment about Biff's yellow truck in the Marty's Truck review. After seeing I knew I had to have myself a Biff's Auto Detailing truck. The biggest problem was finding a truck that would work. There is no Ford Courier made by Hot Wheels or any die-cast manufacturer for that matter so I had to come up with something else. The closest I could find the Datsun 620 so I went with that. I had to shave off the Datsun name on the tail gate and grind a few other small details including part of the front bumper. The tires came off of a old beat up Maisto Scion and I think they work perfect for this custom. Finally I had to custom mix and special yellow for the color and flatten the paint so it wouldn't shine and I added some weathering effects to the paint to give it that use, run down look from the movie. And finally I made some custom Biff's Auto Detailing decals, it has has the correct phone number from truck on the movie. Now that I've started on a Back to the Future custom I'm thinking about doing more, maybe a Docs Panel truck and Goldie Wilson Campaign van.

Enjoy the pics!!!