Hey all!

So I was in the midst of my second car customization/detail on a VW Beetle Kafer racer, when I decided I was going to attempt my first wheel swap.


I swapped the ugly 5 spoke yellow (Wheel code 5SP?), to Lace Wheels (LW..?) from a 250 LM.

While the wheels are the same exact diameter, and the axles are the overall same length, I have a problem with wheel thickness.

The front wheels fit like a glove, while the backs have ALOT of play in them, and I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of this?


I tried looking around on customization forums, but I have a feeling Im not looking up the right things, I just keep getting guides for actual wheel swaps.

Any insight on how to get rid of all the wheel play?

Distance I’m trying to close...