Thanks to Camshaft-Chris, I’ve got a shiny black Ferraro 250 GTO. Also, special thanks to Jobjoris for the assist!

I love the way this car looks. Hot Wheels choose the perfect wheels for the car.

There are tampos on the tail-lights, door handles, and prancing horse badges on the sides.

There’s another prancing horse on the front, but no head-lights. Can’t have it all, even for a $30mil car!

This car was the prize in Chris’s guess the car contest. I figured it out after he posted the blue/yellow sports jerseys. I saw Jobjoris’s guess of the 250TR and added in the blue/yellow and figured out it was a 250GTO.

I talked to Jobjoris after to see if he wanted to share the car on weekends and every other Thursday, but shipping it back and forth across the Atlantic didn’t make much sense!

He did make me promise to hold another contest... I'll have to see what I can find!