Ok. I admit it. I lied. I didn’t decide last night and prices and stuff have changed. Time to figure out what I buy (again)!

WELLY GT AUTOS PAGANI HUAYRA 1/18: $92 shipped for White

This car leaves me money for other stuff and I could buy it right now. It has adjustable flaps and mesh grilles (no carpet however, because the real car has no carpet). The Motormax is too cheap looking and the AUTOart is far too expensive.

OR $122 shipped in Champagne/Bronze (the color I prefer)

Rastar Bentley Mulsanne and Welly Bentley Continental Supersports : $83 shipped

This car is supposed to be like the AUTOarts of old or the Norevs of today. The interior is stunning and it even has carpet, something almost never seen for under $50.

In several reviews I watched/read, this car is one of their favorites and is said to contend with Norev and Kyosho in quality. Would combine with the previous car.


So which should I get? My decision will most likely be made tonight. It will be made by me, although I will listen to your votes. ALSO, please please please point out any flaws about these cars that you may know of. I don’t want to spend $150 on something I will have to glue back together.