Today, we have here this Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat from Hot Wheels.

As some of you know, I mostly post about vintage Tomica. So what is this new release from Hot Wheels doing here?


Well, yours truly recently acquired this 1:1...

While not a Hellcat (but rather the more modest SRT 392), it is visually very similar to the Hellcat, so this is the closest scale model of my car that I can find. It also marks the first time that I’m able to find a scale model in my car ownership history.


Well, let’s look at the unpainted mould. I’d say it’s a good depiction of the real car, but it could really use some detailing.

First, on goes the matte black paint on the hood vents, front and rear bumper vents:

Then, the silver paint is applied for lights:

Here’s the trickiest part... re-applying black paint to create the LED strip effect on both the front and rear lights...

Rear lights are then painted in red:

Could’ve done better but this was not easy given the small size. In real life it doesn’t look as bad as the picture makes it. You may have noticed that the exhaust tips are painted as well.

Overall, a Sunday afternoon well-spent. Here’s the finished product: