Guys, I came across something you may like. Do you know about the Kinder Surprise eggs? I found something way cooler, directly from Japan. The Furuta Choco Eggs.

In essence, they’re the same as Kinder’s: A thin chocolate shell, milky chocolate outside and white chocolate inside around an enclosed capsule toy. The big difference between Kinder and Furuta is what comes in the capsule: Furuta have Disney, Nintendo, and jet planet and car-themed surprises inside! Here are some examples of Pixar, Super Mario and Pokémon lines:

What really strikes me is how detailed these are. I mean, for a 1"-1.5" tiny toy, they’re superb. But let’s go to what LaLD’s about: Cars!

These things are tiny. I mean, they look even smaller than 1:87s. I couldn’t find information on the scale of those, but judging by the scale against a penny on the photos, I would guess they’re between 1:87 and 1:100. Look how many details!

Even a teeny tiny license plate

Since they’re sold in blind capsules, and only in Japan, it isn’t too easy to find good photos... Apparently, there are Nissan, Toyota and Mazda series:

There are also combat helicopters, Star Wars, airplanes, Disney series... So much goodness!

If I ever go to Japan, I’ll certainly track these ;)