Given the Corvette’s recent success at LeMans, I figured this was a good time to review this American duo. Corvettes have been racing since the fifties but it was not until the C5-R that the Corvette became a consistently dominant endurance racing machine. Action Collectibles, known more for their NASCAR memorabilia, starting making 1:18 Corvette C5-Rs to celebrate their success. What you see here is their offerings for 2000 and 2001.

The sleeves to the boxes are pretty cool in themselves. The 2000 C5-R has some cool art while the 2001 model has a picture of the driver crew which includes Earnhardt and Junior.

Out of the box, the models are quite vivid. Action is used to making NASCAR models so complex liveries and lots of sponsor stickers is not an issue for them.

The 2000 model is striking with its silver and black paint scheme. The silver has a lot of metallic in it and it does pop. However, there are some areas where panel alignment made an issue for the paint scheme as you can see with the “M” in the Mobil sponsorship.

If you had sharp eyes, you may have thought the yellow 2001 model was dirty. You would be right, and its not my fault for once. This was painted to look as raced/ as finished. Its kind of a neat touch.

If the model is any indication, a lot of bugs must have died at the hands of the C5-R. Note that the vents near the headlights are painted on. Disappointing considering how Action is so detailed elsewhere in the model.

Taking the panels off reveals some more key differences between the models. The 2001 model lets you see more in the back while the 2000 model is covered up.

Note that there is no articulating suspension. The front wheels do turn but otherwise this model is pretty rigid. And super, super heavy. The diecasts really do feel like they were poured and not built.

Both models have the same engine detail though. No they are not DOHC, that is all intake you are looking at.

The interior is detailed but hard to see through all the scaffolding. You will just have to take my word for it.

Hope you enjoyed this diecast double feature and a late congrats to Team Crovette.