Just a quick message from the land that brought us Bburago, Polistil, and many others. I’ve been in Italy for a couple days, and have kept an eye out for odd things. I visited the big car museum in Torino today - the gift shop had an average selection of collectible type stuff, but I took no pics.

I spotted this display in a store window - however, that was about all they had inside, too:

At an Autostrada stop, they had a little selection:

The hotel I am at is adjacent to a mall. I went to the mall thinking they’d have a toy store, and they did. Disappointing small scale selection. This was effectively it:

On a side note, I know many diecast people also appreciate Lego, Playmobil, and similar toys. I saw this in a store window, I really had to control myself, I didn’t know it was a thing. I remember when I was younger I wanted a non-existent Playmobil hockey set. I resisted temptation, but it is cool and charming at the same time:

That is all.