It’s been a while since I rotated anything off my desk. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the AutoArt Trophy truck that’s been on there for a couple of months. Today brings the 1:18 Exoto Ferrari 641/2 Standox Alain Prost model as the centerpiece, and a few others rounding out the collection.

Sorry for the dust!

The sun helps highlight the Standox paint a little bit. Someday, I’ll dust this one off. I’ve somewhat moved away from F1, so these models don’t quite hold my interest like they used to. I probably have about 20 various 1:18 F1 models that I’ll see off. Four of them are Exotos, with this one being in the best condition with nothing missing and nothing broken.


Other desk diecast, the M2 Cougar R on big and littles, and a B17G picked up the day I did my flight in one back in May.