Hi all. I tend to rotate the diecast models/cars on my desk every couple of weeks. As such, I’ll share my car for the week until I start repeating myself. I’m low on 1:18s, probably only 30 or so total.

This week, I’ve dug out my old Hot Wheels Michael Schumacher 7 time world champion Ferrari F2004. I picked this model up when I was in my OCD phase of collecting. I literally had every version of 1:18 Ferrari F1 models available at the time. After selling off my collection, I held on to a select few for no particular reason. I look at the jumble of models remaining and none are particularly valuable or rare, so what drove me to keep these over others that are far more rare doesn’t make any sense to me.

Anyway, this is a particularly handsome car in a metallic red chrome type finish. Not quite like Standox from Exoto, but just enough to set it apart from the standard F2004 model. So without further ado, here’s this week’s model, followed by a picture of my actual work desk (woo, I get to work from home).

Feel free to share your desk models!