Spent the last week with my fiance and a couple friends in Hampton, VA. I’d like to share some of that week here, mainly the diecast side of it:P

Let’s start off with this Weather Channel radar truck, built by Sir Philiphilip himself.

I’ll do a full post on that seperate,it is just too cool. And speaking of Philip:

Mini mod meetup!

Found this badass little Falcon delivery at a walmart while food shopping. Potentially tradeable, I have a series of pics already.

No trip to the southern states is complete without a little Krispy Kreme:

At the side of the highway we used to get pretty much anywhere (rt258) was this old military aircraft museum with a ton of model planes (and a few real ones!)

I bet the ricecube could outrun one of those fighters :P

Finally, on the last day, at a hole in the wall hobby shop, I found a 1/18 scale Goggomobil.

Look forward to a full post on that!