So I found out how amazing Bring a Trailer is and there just happened to be a project car on there that I’ve wanted for some time. It needs a lot of work (doesn’t run) but there is so much promise in this thing...

This is how the seller bought it 4 years ago in a barn. It’s a Volvo Amazon! WAGON!


Has all of the original stuff and the seller has already done some of the hard work on it. Next it will be my turn and my wife and I are ready to tackle it.

It has the original B18 motor in it, but an engine swap is most likely in its future as I doubt the 1.8L and 90 bhp of fury can bring much of it up to my elevation.

I might have to give Eddie a call when I go get it as it’s in West Chicago.

Anywho, yay projects! Now to go work on my airstream reno as the weather is wonderful today...

Some potential ideas for the Volvo: