Am I Dreaming? Or Losing My Mind!?

Having too many Hot Wheels is NEVER a problem. Fact.
Having too much time on your hands is also never a problem.... truth be told it’s never the case either but that’s beside the point - moving on...

It’s when you have too much of both that things start to become a problem. Theoretically these two forces should join together in a harmonious chorus of childlike play and 1:64 scale awesomeness, yet the pictures I end up with seem to tell a slightly different story.

Once Upon a Time...

I tried to use a Q-Tip in place of a Flux Capacitor. And yet I knew I was at least 0.87 Giggawatts shy of the 1.21 required for interdimensional travel!?!

And then I somehow managed to get the remaining 0.87 Giggawatts of power needed for interdimensional travel from a neighbours cat by rubbing it against a bag of lemons. Who’d have thought right?!?!

I travelled forward in time by however long it took to do whatever it is I did (timetravel really messes with your memory and thought processing!) and witnessed first hand what may have been my death, and it was NOT what I expected.

Death By Monkey!

He came like a bat out of hell... if that bat had asthma and was the runt of the litter and had a gammy wing and one of those wandering eyes that always makes you feel uncomfortable like you’re not sure where to look... and hell was like a kids farm where they have lambs and shit, and I’m going off track aren’t I? I blame time travel.


Well Death did come riding in and although I tried to be fearful I found it difficult due to his ‘choice of chariot’

He even showed off a little razzle dazzle and for a moment I was feeling OK about the whole situation

But then things took a turn for the worse and to be honest I didn’t stick around long after that... one tends not to when Death is feeling irritated.

It’s all fun and games until someone forgets they have a fuel tank the size of a coke can.


But what happened next was truly amazing!... oh no wait sorry, next I got hungry and decided to have some lunch. My bad.
Little did I know however that my innocent sandwich would start a small scale war!

Tuna, No Crust

You already know where this is going don’t you ;)

Well I didn’t when I ordered it and #NekMinnit I’ve got Dom breathing down my neck asking me what’s up with the Tuna?

‘What’s up with XXX bitch?” Ok so I didn’t say that. But I thought it - like heaps aye! I’m pretty tough (won my last fight by 120 metres or so) but luckily (for Dom obviously) we decided to settle it with a street race.

I let Brian drive because that’s how I roll and well, let’s just say we are all terribly grateful that there are no train tracks on my diorama shelf...

and then THE END