Hello fellow LALDiecast people, its time for another Dirty Dozen post, where I go through my childhood cars and see if anything pops out or is interesting.

This week I thought a theme would be cool, mainly because their my cars and I wanted to. Good reason, right? Anyways, here is my 'proof of purchase', if you will. Every week I pick a bunch of dirty cars and put them in a hat because trying to hold a dozen cars with two hands while opening doors gets old quickly. So here we go...

Matchbox 4x4 Chevy Blazer - Playing around with this I quickly discovered it's wheels has a similar setup like the El Toro Loco review I did the other day. Plus, it has the springy suspension on it, which is really cool. The strangest thing about it is that it has a trailer hitch....what matchbox/hot wheels trailer is that tall?

Matchbox Dodge Dakota 1:63 - I really like the look and feel of this car, though the wheels are really high up and wont' move because it grinds against the body, which makes me sad inside. It's still nice to look at though.

Hot Wheels - It doesn't state it underneath but its obviously a Ford Bronco because of the grill, covered bed, and the blatantly stated "bronco" across the side. What's really cool is that each one comes with a motorcycle. I think that should of happened in real life, don't you? Also, noticed the different wheels. It creates a different feel to it, doesn't it?

Hot Wheels - It says 'Suzuki' across the front grill, and from what I figure, it's a Samurai. Not sure why HW's has a tendency to not clearly state what the model is *grumbles*. On a side note, can you imagine going off-roading in a Samurai with massive wheels like that?

Matchbox Jeep Cherokee 1:58 - Yes, the car that only be killed naturally by rust. Each has a hitch, and I'm not sure who 'Mr. Fixer' is, but he is apparently popular enough to get on a MB car. Anyone want to call the number on the car? It's 555-1007. :)

Hot Wheels Blazer 4x4 - This must be an older car that I've had, the axles are messed up and the body is really tiny. I should note the the bed has molded items on it. What it is, I can't see through the yellow plastic.

Hot Wheels Nissan pickup - you probably noticed that the front is higher than the back. Not sure if this was intentional, or if it broke somehow, or they tried to predict the carolina squat years before it came into existence. I'm thinking the latter. Still, the body is quite nice.

Hot Wheels - its a late '70s Ford F-series. I had to research by purely looking at the grill. Honestly, the eagle on the side, is very American. Just like how the F-Series is America's favorite truck, right? The dirty one looks like any truck found on a farm, I like that, :).

Edit: it's actually a '70s Chevy....oops...

This is also cool, there's a spare in the bed.

Matchbox Mini Pickup 1:57 - No idea what kind of pickup this is, but I love it. I also love the mud paint job on top of the easter blue body. It's grill is similar to the Ford F-series though...

Matchbox No. 66 Ford Transit - Seriously, that's it name underneath. I should mention, out of all these cars, this is my favorite. Its such an awkward body style, the UN-ignorable orange paint job, plus the weird bed; how can anyone NOT love this car.

Matchbox Ford Bronco II 1:57 - I'm noticing that a lot of these big wheeled trucks/suvs have a wheels that can bob up and down on rough terrain, which is pretty cool. The moon roof and the rear spare tire are a nice addition as well.

Matchbox Land Rover Ninety 1:62 - I don't think any SUV list would be complete without some Land Rover. They are sort of plain-jane looking, but I like that. I do prefer the red one more.

* * BONUS * *

Majorette Depanneuse 1:62 - Its a Silverado, without a doubt. But with the magic of google, apparently Depanneuse means 'breakdown lorry'...who knew? Anyways, I found three of these Depanneuse in my collection, each different, so I HAD to add them. They all have near identical bodies, with minor differences; and they all have active suspension.

I should note that the middle truck lost one of the arms.

And as always, which one did you guys like the most?