You know what, I haven’t posted anything 1/64 in such a long time. Now you get to see them all at once. Here’s an accumulation of all the recent ones, lined up together, in one post.

I spent a good hour last night cracking some stuff open: all the Tomica, the Forza set, and some others from the stack I had waiting on the table. When you DLM, you find that some models are better than you imagined, which is the beauty of it all. Which is why you buy cars to open. Here are some highlights.

Star. Of. The. Show. The original R35 GT-R by Tomica is my favorite casting of all time. Not Tomica casting, but casting casting, all-inclusive of all diecast brands. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they nailed the 2017 version as well. Everything as I imagined it would be.

How about this pair right here? Finally someone decides to do the FC3S RX-7, my favorite generation. And that Lancia! And the Lancia right behind the Lancia!

The S2000 CR is the best Tomica Premium yet. Everything about the casting was done perfectly, especially the wheels. The 22B, sitting to its right, isn’t quite right, however.

The elusive one...

I will gladly take any requests for features, so don’t be shy!