Happy early 1-year Anniversary LaLD!!!

Here's my AutoArt Dodge Viper SRT-10, which out of my collection, remains as one of my favorites.

(sorry, i'm not exactly the best at light drawing.)

The third generation Viper came with a 8.3L 510HP beast capable of hitting 60 in just 3.7 second, en route to its top speed of 192.6 MPH. At the time, it was regarded as one of the fastest cars for sale, and represented the best of the best of American engineering.


Onto the model, i'm sure you all know by now AutoArt's immense attention to detail on their models. Because this model was priced around $80, it was from their performance series. However, I got mine off of Craigslist, so unfortunately, the window wipers came off.. but on the bright side, I only got it for $45. Aside from the broken wipers, the car was pretty much brand new.

From the look of it, the exterior lines are very well executed. Panel gaps are decent as well. It's amazing how much detail AutoArt goes into on the little things. I've seen photos of this model online, but that does not do it any justice. The car looks so much better in person.

The wheels are some of the best i've seen on diecast model. Quality here is impressive and it carries onto the rotors and calipers. Considering it retailed for around $80 when new, the wheels alone would make it a great purchase!

(in case if you're wondering, the hole on the door is there to keep the doors close during shipping.)

The interior is pretty top-notch also. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Under the hood, you'd find the huge ass 8.3L engine. The detail continues to the undercarriage, where you can see the suspension and more motor works.

This model is without a doubt, one of the best bang for the buck for both the model and the real car. Apparently there's a high demand for this model, particularly in red. I've seen ones go for $360 and up. Which if you ask me, is a ridiculous amount of money for a Viper...

Thanks for viewing! Here's more photodump

Again, Happy early anniversary LaLD! It's great to be part of a online community where we all share the same passion for collecting diecasts!

Next model to be reviewed, starts with a "K". Any ideas? haha.