I took these pictures some time ago, but any day is a good day for doughnuts.

When I saw the Krispy Kreme hitch and tow was coming out, I was not planning to buy it. The tow vehicle is yet another of Greenlight’s Chevy C10's, which I already have multiples of, and the big trailer can’t even store a car.

The C10 does show some Greenlightitis, the bed and the cab don’t line up right. The trailer, however, that’s a beauty. When I saw how detailed the trailer was, that’s when I had to have it. From the diamond plate corners, to the vent hood, to the propane tanks, to the flip up awnings, this trailer is dripping with fabulous little details. They’re all in good shape too, no defects on the trailer.

Now I want some 1:1 doughnuts!