EDIT; Added a suggestion from Jobjoris. The opportunity presented itself to combine Drift Dig and a Monster Jam chassis. I couldn’t resist. Here’s the results.

EDIT 2; WiMT?, Will it Monster Truck? After the first edit I got thinking that I may do a few more of these. There’s a few lifeless bodies of casts laying around now so why not? Feel free to do your own if it takes your fancy, I’ve only got a couple more bodies to use right now.

Amazingly enough the shock towers line up with the 510’s well base perfectly.

Please ignore the difference in ‘soil’ colors, the earthworks contractor had to switch suppliers half way through the job.

Mr Jobjoris asked if the RX-7 body would fit, it fits well.


Personally I prefer stock looking bodies on monster trucks like the original old school trucks, but that’s probably just me. I really don’t like the cartoonish monster jam bodies, Grave Digger or similar looking vintage bodies I don’t mind because Hot Rod but spare me the dogs and bulls please. Ok, I’m crawling back to 1985 if you need me...

No HW were harmed in the making of this photo shoot. Drift Pigs body is screwed back in place, the clear plastic body on the ‘Razing Kane’ MT actually flips up like the drag car bodies then the rear hinge just clips out.


Here’s Drift Pig in action before the monster truck swap, just in case you haven’t seen it or would like to see it again. Here’s 9 seconds of furious drifting action *cough (sans tire smoke sadly.)