Today I start Project Prancing Horse. I hope to post every street or streetish red or shade of red 1/64 Ferrari I own. This will include racecars wo liverys. I don’t know how many I have but looks like we will find out. I decided to go in chronological order or as close to it. I am starting with the Ferrari 166mm coupe. Dydo of course made these cars in conjunction with a coffee company . Availability and price isn’t to bad just keep your eBay eyes pealed. Designed by Cario Anderioni the 2.0 l Colombo v12 Ferrari is a very desirable early Ferrari. I think Kysho/Dydo did a reasonable job representing the car. While no match to the 1/43 scale sibling posted earlier today. The subtle details are all there making this car a welcome edition to my collection.

Thanks for looking