I had today off, and I was actually quite productive for a while. I did laundry, the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and worked on a few 1/32 projects. Then I got on eBay and went a bit stupid.

First, I bought this guy:

Ertl Precision ‘64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. I’ve always loved the T-Bolt, it’s easily my favorite of the factory racers, and apparently this is a really high quality model for very short money. I mean there’s a key in the ignition and the seats slide forward and back, for cryin out loud! Anyway, I had to have it, and detailed pictures will follow when it arrives.


My second purchase, for the same money actually, is a pretty similar car but for totally different reasons:

A Greenlight ‘64 Ford Galaxie 500, as seen in Men in Black III. While watching the movie with my wife (great movie, btw) I casually mentioned that this particular car, a ‘64 Galaxie 500, is my all time favorite classic American car. Apparently we had never talked about our favorite classic American cars, because it’s my wife’s favorite as well. She’s not a big gear head or anything, so I thought it was kinda cool that the one car she knows and likes a lot is also my favorite. Naturally, this has now lead to me working on selling the Jaaaaaaag for which I’m named and shopping for a ‘64 Galaxie.


She won’t be made about that model...I’m not sure what I’ll tell her about the T-Bolt yet, haha. No matter, they’ll look great on my desk.

Anyway, I'll follow up with detailed pictures of both when they arrive.