Welcome back to another segment of EDC Rampage Adventures wherethe EDC Rampage encounter and share interesting stuff while riding along withme in my daily life. This time it’s a pretty special one.

Near where I live, there was a small car show gathering thatspecifically showcases MOPAR/Chrysler cars. The show was free and welcomesanyone to come and check out the array of Skittle colored muscle cars thattheir owners generously brought. The show ranged from classics from the 50’s tomodern destroyers of the road like the Hellcat twins and some oddball onesmixed in between.Since the Rampage is part of the Chrysler family, it’s a no-brainerto include it with some of the shots.

Hope it’s still full from it’s meal.

Sadly throughout the entire show, there wasn’t a single 1:1 Rampagetherefore no combo pic which was something I was expecting. But on the lighternote, the EDC Rampage can be claimed as the only Dodge Rampage at the show.

“Help me!”

At the show, they also setup a mini playplace for the little ones, which the Rampage had to join.

Some of the “members” at the playplace

Some MOPARS apparently missed the registration deadline and had to be exiled from the show and this was one of them, I would’ve let it in anyway regardless.

“Excuse me sir, you brought the wrong car.” Honestly who cares, they’re all good cars.

That concludes EDC Rampage Adventure this time, see you all on the next adventure. Cheers.