Round two: Fight! *Ding ding*

Hello all, did you miss me??

Alright, I’ve moved on to the next group of boxes. This one is also a series of smaller boxes, but, I’ve unearthed some wonderful stuff.


So far in this group, while some were in plastic bags, none were in their original packaging and many of them look very played with. But, never fear, there are some fine examples mixed in as well!!

Anyway - this first box seems to be dedicated exclusively to Majorette. More specifically, rescue vehicles made by Majorette. While most of them are police cars, there are a bunch of ambulances (civilian and military) as well as a couple of random non-rescue military vehicles.

From my childhood, the SWAT F150 and a couple of the police vans spark some old memories. While many of these are supposed to have lights and sound - none of them seemed to actually work. Ohh well.

Enough of my yakking, here are the pictures:

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)