We’re getting into some goodies now!

I’m pretty sure I’ll get this wrong - please feel free to correct me below! Some of the first die-cast were made by a company called Lesney...who made cars in the approximate size of a match box. I think I know where the term “matchbox car” originated! If I am not mistaken, the company known as Lesney came to be knows as “Matchbox” in today’s society.

Today’s box celebrates some nifty stuff from this company. There is some wear and tear present and I managed to remove the windshield of the Mercedes coupe when I tried to clip the roof back down. Whoopsie! However, many of these cars are in pretty nice condition.


The old Unimog was pretty neat and the old green VW Golf used to be mine. The old racing Scout looks like it’s brand new and most of the old ambulances and fire trucks are in pretty reasonable condition considering they all look to be older than I am (I was originally cast in 1981). The weird 70's spacey kind of stuff could only have been born in the 1970's with their bright colors and wedge designs.

For me, though, it’s the Land Rover fire truck that takes the cake from this box. I really hope to find a duplicate somewhere along the way....though, even if I don’t, I may have to keep this one.

Box 15 - Major Majorette

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)