In the background today, let’s all have Bob Segar’s “Like a Rock” playing in our minds.

This will help because today’s box was jam packed with Chevrolet trucks. From highly lifted 90's regular cabs to slammed extended cab duallies. From 80's off roaders to 60's hot rods. Trailblazers, Avalanches and some drag racing S-10's. There’s even some early 2000's concept cars, like the Traverse concept that looks more like a Malibu Maxx on stilts.

The black with pink/yellow graphics lifted 90's truck was mine as a kid (or at least one just like it!!) and I remember playing with the black 70's/80's one back in the day at Shawn (the original collector)‘s house.

Enjoy! :)

Box 17 - Complete Construction

Box 16 - More Lesney Please!

Box 15 - Major Majorette

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)