I’m sorry for disappearing for a few days! Blame Vermont and this stupidly persistent cold that’s been going around.

Anyway, today’s collection comes out of the sweetest display box ever! It’s just a giant semi-truck full of cars. It may not be a model of packaging efficiency, but, hey, it looks cool.

As for the cars it holds, the majority are just the highlights of the late 70's and early 80's sweetness.


I remember the blazer from back in the day as well as the red trucks. Those were mine. I also recall from playing at Shawn’s house, the blue van thing, the dodge “trucks” and the wedge vans. I’m guessing it’s rare for the VW camper to still have the bike on the back!

See for yourself!

Box 31 - A splash of Lesney

Box 30 - Defunct is the New Cool

Box 29 - The Gas Man Cometh

Box 28 - Trailrated

Part 2 (Boxes 15-27)

Part 1 (Boxes 1-14)